Zoo World 2 is a spin-off of Zoo World, released on June 2011. It's similar to FrontierVille.


Like in the original one, Zoo World 2 is very similar. There aren't any Wildlife Points. To buy the Ultra Rare items, you'll need FaceBook Credits. There's also an energy meter. You'll raise all the baby animals to adult to fill up your animal diary. If you run out of energy, you must wait for it to come back. You can buy Energy Packs for FaceBook Credits and some cost food. Instead of wasting FaceBook Credits, you must rollover the current rewards. When a Zoo Buck or Star drops, they'll go to the level meters and coin meters. If you raised all animals, they'll all be saved. Some goals are limited, like the Fourth of July. The limited ones are Bald Eagle, Fireworks Stand and Summer Birch Tree.

Note: To go to Zoo World 1, click on the word, click here.


Sometimes, errors make players frustrated. You will not lose your progress.

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